Ed Irving and Bob Greenberg carefully cultivated their vending truck business into what is now a 24-location restaurant chain that specializes in, among other items, their signature frozen fruit drink. In the beginning, you might have met Ed or Bob serving their lemon eegee’s drink in front of high schools, at sporting events and concerts. And today you can still order the same lemon eegee’s that Bob and Ed first started selling in ’71. Fortunately, there are now more flavors to choose from (lemon can get old after 46 years) and you can order a sandwich or other baked goods to complement your eegee’s, but it’s essentially the same cup of brain-freezing fruit goodness that was served truck-side more than 40 years ago.

eegee’s has grown significantly since its early days. Not only has the chain expanded to 24 locations (yes, the vending trucks have been retired), it paired this growth with a true commitment to social and environmental involvement. Since its inception, eegee’s has donated time, food and money to local charities as well as instituting the community recycling program Recycling for People First!

In 2006 the eegee’s restaurants changed hands from Ed Irving and Bob Greenberg to the O’Connor family (CEO Foods, Inc.), continuing the family-owned-and-operated tradition on which eegee’s was founded.