Store Management

Published by eegees January 29, 2014 5:22 pm

One of the things we firmly believe in at eegee’s is promoting from within the company. Nearly all of our current restaurant managers are people who have worked their way up through the company.

Entry-Level Positions
These are jobs that offer many people the first opportunity to enter the work force. They are perfect for individuals who have small financial commitments and want to earn gas money, a little extra pocket money or to start saving. The entry-level employee learns sandwich making, serving eegee’s, taking orders – all the positions in the store, and most important, customer service.

Shift Leader
Entry-level employees who demonstrate strong customer-service abilities, respect for and from their fellow employees, and other leadership qualities may be promoted to Shift Leader and take on a little more responsibility for the operation of the store. This hourly position is ideal for someone with limited availability due to school or needs at home.

Assistant Manager
The Assistant Manager is, essentially, a Store Manager with limited responsibilities. It is an hourly/salaried position that requires the employee’s involvement in preparing work schedules, food and supply ordering, and banking procedures.

Store Manager
What do we look for in a Store Manager? A well-groomed, high-energy, high school graduate who can motivate people. Because this salaried person is responsible for the entire operation of the restaurant, it is important that he or she has the ability to accomplish tasks and goals through others.

District Manager
This is a salaried person who is, in reality, a multi-store operator. The District Manager shares his/her time between several stores as a problem solver and resource person. A District Manager must have the ability to help people feel good about their accomplishments and be able to motivate them to reach beyond their expectations.

You see, the opportunities are here for everything from a part-time job to a full-time career. If you are a friendly person who genuinely enjoys meeting new people, likes working with people, and wants to help people have a better day, we’re interested in you.